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3D Printing Service

Rebelworks offers a wide range of services related to 3D printing. We provide 3D designs, 3D scanning, 3D printing and post processing, optimize 3D data and support you with your projects. Furthermore, we provide customers in the tabletop/board games industry 3D sculping and professional painting.

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3d printing has already a significant impact on existing business models. The posibilites of 3d printing technologies have become existential important in almost every industrial production process. We support your projects with skill, energy and competence. We provide you comprehensive advice, in-house trainings and much more. We make you fit for the next industrial era of 3d printing.


For educational institutions, we offer a special 3D printing education package. 3D printing offers a hands-on approach to digitization. For schools that want to promote creativity, teamwork and interest in STEM subjects, we offer workshops, workshops, teacher training and consulting. Our all-inclusive package includes teaching concepts to integrate 3D printing into any class, education-tail-made education printers and technical support.



  • Project Idea + Design

3d printing provides freedom for your creativity. A powerful solution for your projects. We support and advice your process.

  • Print Method + Material

Tell us about your project? We provide relevant informations and advice on the ideal 3D printing methods and materials.

  • Data Analysis + Optimization

We analyze 3D data and run a printability check. If necessary, we optimize the files for the choosen 3D printing method.

  • 3D Printing + Finish

. Upon request we improve your product via post-processing. Whether you need a simple sealing or a professional paint job.

  • Shipping + Done

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Projektbild Sculpting


3d-sculpting is the perfect tool which combines the designer’s creativity with the possibilities of 3d printing. We offer designs for board game designers, miniature manufacturers and individual projects.

Design & 3d-Print: Rebelworks

Experience 3D Printing

The 3D printing revolution is in full swing! The technology is entering more and more areas and bringing new impulses. Dive into the world of additive manufacturing and discover its endless possibilities.


Design Freedom

3D printing offers designers much more freedom to design objects. As a result, complex structures that were impossible or too expensive with conventional production methods can now be realized. Let your creativity flow freely!


With the help of 3D scans, images or other input, products can be tailored explicitly to a person and their needs. Create unique things for unique people.


Technological advances, expired patents, and falling costs make 3D printing affordable also for small businesses and individuals. Futhermore, the fact that production is on demand and locally eliminates the need for high transport and storage costs.



3D printing in all areas

Rebelworks is a company of enthusiasts for enthusiasts. While the fascination of 3D printing has gained public attention in recent years, a layered production process was already developed in 1981. Since then, different methods and applications have emerged. In addition, there is a constantly increasing number of printable materials: from synthetic resin, metal, concrete, chocolate and ceramics to organic tissue. The possibilities are huge.

We offer easy, informative and competent access to 3D printing and 3D applications.

Rebelworks - Your Partner in 3D Printing

Personal contact and a deep understanding of the needs of our customers are our priority. Whether private users, companies or educational institutions, we support you in the realization of your projects.

We make digitization tangible!



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